Specimens – LE 01054402

LE 01054402

Fraxinus griffithii C.B.Clarke⁣ det. Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich at 28.09.2019

Additional identifications: Fraxinus sp.⁣ det. Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich at 16.04.2018
Collectors: Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich; Khang Sinh Nguyen; Chuong Quang Ngan; Maisak, Tatiana Viktorovna Field collecting number: VR264. Collection date: 16.04.2018.
Administrative regions: VN - Tinh Ha Giang.
Groups of specimens: L. V. Averyanov specimens; L. V. Averyanov herbarium; L. V. Averyanov photos
Original label text:
FLORA OF VIETNAM Oleaceae Fraxinus sp. Ha Giang prov., Quan Ba distr., Bat Dai Son Nature Reserve, Bat Dai Son commune, Pai Chu Phin village, around point 23º07ʹ54.9ʺN 104º59ʹ24.1ʺE, 1000-1220 m a.s.l., karstic, highly eroded mountains composed of solid marble-like limestone, primary evergreen broad-leaved and coniferous (with Pseudotsuga sinensis) humid forest on steep rocky slopes near mountain tops. Tree to 10 m tall on rocky mountain top. Very common. 16 April 2018, L. Averyanov, Nguyen Sinh Khang, Chuong Quang Ngan, T. Maisak, VR 264.
All photos © L. Averyanov & K.S. Nguyen
Record creation: 2019-05-03, Leonid Averyanov, PhotoScan D1
Citation: Specimen LE 01054402 // Virtual herbarium of Komarov Botanical Institute RAS — http://re.herbariumle.ru/01054402