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LE 01123348

Angiopteris evecta (G.Forst.) Hoffm.⁣ det. Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich at 20.05.2022   🔎

Collectors: Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich   🔎; Tran Huy Thai   🔎; Khang Sinh Nguyen   🔎; Maisak, Tatiana Viktorovna   🔎 Field collecting number: VR 1783. Collection date: 20.05.2022.
Administrative regions: VN - Tinh Dien Bien   🔎.
Groups of specimens: L. V. Averyanov specimens   🔎; L. V. Averyanov photos   🔎; Images of plants from the Indochinese Peninsula (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and surrounding areas)   🔎; Соглашение Минобрнауки №075-15-2021-1056   🔎
Original label text:
Poilypodiaceae s.l. (Marattiaceae)
Angiopteris evecta (G.Forst.) Hoffm.

Dien Bien Prov., Muong Nhe Distr., Muong Nhe Natural Reserve, Chung Chai Municipality, near Doan Ket Bridge, around point about N22º17’16’’ E102º23’58”, elevation 550-650 m a.s.l. Secondary evergreen broad-leaved lowland forest on mountain slopes composed with sandstone at elevations 550–650 m a.s.l. Terrestrial fern on steep rocky shady stream slope. Fronds to 1.2 m long. Occasional.
20 May 2022, L. Averyanov, Tran Huy Thai, Khang Sinh Nguyen, T. Maisak, VR 1783.
All photos © - L. Averyanov, K.S. Nguyen
Record creation: 2022-07-01, Аверьянов Леонид Владимирович. Processing status: work_status_1
Citation: Specimen LE 01123348 // Virtual herbarium of Komarov Botanical Institute RAS — http://re.herbariumle.ru/01123348

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