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LE 01123337

Gastrochilus nanus Z.H.Tsi⁣ det. Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich at 30.06.2022   🔎

Collectors: Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich   🔎; Maisak, Tatiana Viktorovna   🔎 Field collecting number: CPC 7581 TM 1184. Collection date: 01.07.2022.
Administrative regions: VN - Tinh Cao Bang   🔎.
Groups of specimens: L. V. Averyanov specimens   🔎; L. V. Averyanov photos   🔎; Orchids of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia   🔎
Original label text:
Gastrochilus nanus Z.H.Tsi

Cao Bang Prov., Bao Lac Distr., Hong An municipality, Mi Lung village. Primary broad-leaved and mixed humid evergreen forest (with Podocarpus, Pinus, Fokienia and Tsuga) on very steep slopes and along rocky ridge composed with solid crystalline highly eroded limestone at elevation about 1500-1550 m a.s.l. around point 22°49’15.4’’N 105°49’53’’E. Canopy epiphyte on mossy tree on shady, humid slope. Rare.
21 November 2014 CPC 7581/TM 1184. Coll.: L.Averyanov, N.T.Hiep, N.S.Khang, T.Maisak, L.Osinovetz

Flowered in cult. 01 July 2022. Flowers odorless, sepals and petals pale yellowish with greenish base, lip with olive yellow fleshy center and thin white margin, hypochile side-lobes pale yellow with unclear purple marks, column white, anther cap yellowish. L.Averyanov, T. Maisak, CPC 7581 TM 1184.
All photos © - L. Averyanov
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Citation: Specimen LE 01123337 // Virtual herbarium of Komarov Botanical Institute RAS — http://re.herbariumle.ru/01123337

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