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LE 01123133

Freycinetia sumatrana Hemsl.⁣ det. Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich at 29.03.2005   🔎

Collectors: Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich   🔎; et al.   🔎 Field collecting number: HAL 7076. Collection date: 29.03.2005.
Administrative regions: VN - Tinh Thua Thien-Hue   🔎.
Groups of specimens: L. V. Averyanov specimens   🔎; L. V. Averyanov photos   🔎; Images of plants from the Indochinese Peninsula (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and surrounding areas)   🔎
Original label text:
Fam. Pandanaceae
Freycinetia sumatrana Hemsl.

Vietnam, Thua Thien – Hue Prov., Nam Dong Distr., Huong Son Municipality, around point 16°10'22''N, 107°36'24''E. Fractionally logged primary closed broad-leaved evergreen lowland forest along La Ma River on very steep hill slopes composed with clayey shale and sandstone at elevation about 300 m a.s.l. Creeping epiphytic woody vine up to 30 m tall along rocky stream valley. Flowers with sweet fragrance (like fruit of Artocarpus), flowers and flower bracts yellowish-white to yellowish. Abundant. Usual co-dominant in epiphytic vegetation in the area.
No HAL 7076 29 March 2005. Photo.
Collectors: L.Averyanov, P.K.Loc, P.V.The, A.Averyanova, N.T.Vinh.
All photos © - L. Averyanov
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