Specimens – LE 01077859

LE 01077859

Petrosavia sakuraii (Makino) J.J.Sm. ex Steenis⁣ det. Remizova M., Sokolov D.D. at 2016   🔎

Additional identifications: Petrosavia stellaris Becc.⁣ det. Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich at 24.10.2013   🔎
Collectors: Averyanov, Leonid Vladimirovich   🔎; et al.   🔎 Field collecting number: CPC 6184. Collection date: 24.10.2013.
Administrative regions: VN - Tinh Nghe An   🔎.
Groups of specimens: L. V. Averyanov specimens   🔎; L. V. Averyanov herbarium   🔎
Original label text:
Melanthiaceae s.l. (Petrosaviaceae)
Petrosavia stellaris Becc.

Nghe An Prov., Ky Son Distr., Na Ngoi Municipality, eastern slopes of Phu Xai Lai Leng Mountain. Primary very humid broad-leaved forest on steep mountain slopes composed of sandstone and gray shale at elevation 2000-2300 m a.s.l. around point 19°11′58.2″N 104°11′38.6″E. Terrestrial achlorophyllous yellowish saprophyte in shady place along edge of ridge. Occasional.
24 October 2013 CPC 6184
Coll.: L.Averyanov, N.T.Hiep, N.S.Khang, L.M.Tuan, N.A.Trang, L.H.Dan
24 October 2013 CPC 6184
Record creation: 2021-12-09, Leonid Averyanov, PhotoScan D2. Processing status: work_status_1
Citation: Specimen LE 01077859 // Virtual herbarium of Komarov Botanical Institute RAS — http://re.herbariumle.ru/01077859

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