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LE 01073556

Bulbophyllum forrestii Seidenf. det. L. Averyanov at 01.2014

Collectors: L. Averyanov Field collecting number: LA-VN 516.1. Collection date: 01.2014.

Administrative regions: LA - Vientiane Province.

Original label text:
Bulbophyllum forrestii Seidenf.

Vientiane Prov., Vang Vieng Distr., Na Po village, about 12 km to the W of Vang Vieng town, Pa Nang Oua Mt., around point 18°55’44.9”N 102°20’20.1”E. Dry broad-leaved primary and secondary evergreen and semideciduous forest on very steep rocky slopes and on vertical cliffs of remnant highly eroded rocky limestone mountains composed by solid crystalline limestone at elevation 500-1000 m. Creeping epiphyte and lithophyte on mossy rocks. Leaves below dull violet. Occasional.
LA-VN 516 17 March 2013
Coll.: N.T.Hiep, L.Averyanov, K.Chantthavongsa, N.S.Khang, P.V.The, S.Lorphengsy

Fl. and coll. Under cultivation in Jan. 2014. Flowers with strong unpleasant smell, brightly rich yellow, sepals at base with purple punctuation along nerves, petals with dark purple margin ciliation, lip and operculum light dull yellow. Photos.

Comment: All photos © L. Averyanov

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