Specimens – LE 01073531

LE 01073531

Bulbophyllum emarginatum J.J.Sm. det. L. Averyanov at 13.12.2005

Collectors: L. Averyanov; et al. Field collecting number: HAL 8575. Collection date: 13.12.2005.

Administrative regions: VN - Tinh Ha Giang.

Original label text:
Fam. Orchidaceae
Bulbophyllum emarginatum (Finet) J.J.Smith

Vietnam, Ha Giang Prov., Meo Vac Distr, Pa Vi Municipality, vicinities of Pa Vi Thuong village around point 23º11’05’’N, 105º24’04’’E at elevation about 1450 m a.s.l. Highly degraded remnants of coniferous forest with Pseudotsuga sinensis on very steep rocky slopes and along tops of rocky remnant ridges composed with highly eroded marble-like limestone. Creeping lithophyte and epiphyte on very steep rocky mossy slope. Flowers white, purple striped. Very common.
No HAL 8575 13 Dec 2005. Photo.
Collectors: L.Averyanov, P.K.Loc, T.V.Thao, P.V.The, N.S.Khang.

Comment: All photos © L. Averyanov

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