Specimens – LE 01070254

LE 01070254

Epitype of Aspidistra bifolia Aver., Tillich et K.S.Nguyen det. L. Averyanov at 16.01.2020
Epitype of Aspidistra cyathiflora Y.Wan & C.C.Huang var. bifolia Aver., Tillich & K.S.Nguyen det. L. Averyanov at 16.01.2020

Collectors: L. Averyanov Field collecting number: CPC 8057.1. Collection date: 16.01.2020.

Administrative regions: VN - Tinh Son La.

Original label text:
Aspidistra bifolia Aver., Tillich et K.S.Nguyen Epitype

Son La Prov., Moc Chau Distr., Chieng Son comm., about 1 km to NE from Chieng Son Village, around point 20°46’02.0N 104°37’03.1E.

Remnants of primary broad-leaved evergreen forest on tops of hills composed with karstic highly eroded yellow-white limestone at elevation 1150-1250 m a.s.l.

Terrestrial herb with long underground rhizome in shady rocky place. Flowers white with fine purple marks. Fruits white later dirty purple-brownish wit green tint. Locally very common.

27 September 2016 CPC 8057
Coll.: L.Averyanov, N.T.Hiep, N.S.Khang, C.Q.Ngan, T.V.Maisak, N.T.Son.

Herbarium prepared in 16.02.2020. Flowers: perianth tube outside white speckled with purple, inside dark dirty-violet with white base, stamens and anthers white, pollen white, pistil white finely speckled with purple, stigma dark dirty purple-violet with white irregular spots. L. Averyanov. CPC 8057.1.

Record creation: 2020-02-11, Аверьянов Леонид Владимирович. Hidden record: no

Citation: Specimen LE 01070254 // Virtual herbarium of Komarov Botanical Institute RAS — http://re.herbariumle.ru/01070254

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